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Text messages not going out

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If your text messages are not going out, they might have been blocked by third-party telephony carriers. We recommend at least waiting a day before re-launching to allow for the queue to flush.

Why text messages are not going out

  • Our upstream telephony provider and third-party carriers that texts get routed to, might be flagging your messages as Spam/Phising/ etc… displaying the following error messages like:
    “Your message content was flagged as going against carrier guidelines.”
  • Another thing is that your message could have been identified as spam or unwanted messaging by the message filtering system due to people flagging it as spam. 
  • And/or the rate at which the messages are also being sent out.
  • It also could be that your text content could have triggered off this error.

Here are a few things that we recommend

Sometimes, aNinja is forced to comply and temporarily block your SMS sending capability until we add more remediation steps.

  1. Make sure you’re using opt-in lists (carriers use software to detect leaked / non-opt-in lists).  An opt-in list is a list of your customers who willingly give you permission to text them.
  2. Sender Identification: Ensure that your messages clearly identify who is sending the message
  3.  An opt-out language: The initial message that you send to an individual needs to include the following language: “Reply STOP to unsubscribe,” or the equivalent using another standard opt-out keyword, such as STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, and QUIT.
  4. High key messaging metrics: A high delivery error rate, which indicates you may be attempting to contact numbers that are no longer in service, or are unreachable, such as landlines and/or external carrier filters are refusing to deliver your messages.
  5. Review your template content:
    1. To includes Sender identification
    2. And an opt-out language
    3. Try and use multi-step sequences to engage customers.
    4. Also, there are few things you want to consider before sending out texts.
  6. Lastly, you can provide us with your business address; there is an additional verification process (A2P) that we can set up that helps reduce the chances of being flagged by carrier systems as long as the above is being applied. Reach us at

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