Things to consider before Bulk Texting

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Bulk texting is an aNinja great tool that you use to nurture your leads and keep them updated with your latest campaigns, and offers, and send them reminders. Here are a few things to consider before bulk texting.

Things to consider before bulk texting

Here are some things you would want to consider before sending out your text blast.

  • Phone number

Before sending SMS in aNinja, you want to have a phone number saved in your aNinja account. Either you buy a new phone number from aNinja or you port your own.

  • Leads phone numbers

If possible, provide a mobile┬ánumber in the lead’s primary contact in order for your text to be successfully delivered.

  • Text segmentation

When crafting your text template, you want to count the characters you’re adding to this text. A text is composed of 160 characters which is considered one segment. If your text exceeds 160 characters, it will be delivered to the recipients anyhow, but you will be overcharged for all the extra segments by your phone carrier.

  • Text limit per bulk/per user

According to your Billing plan (only for Advanced and Pro plans), each user can send 2000 SMS per bulk.

If you wish to increase your SMS limit, just reach support at and they will bump it up for you, with a one-time charge of 15$ for every additional 1000 SMS per user.

Or, you might want to limit your bulk texts to 2000 SMS per bulk. To do so, you want to segment the contacts in the CSV file before you import it.

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