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Trigger Email action after a Delay duration

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In this article, we’re going to show you how to set the trigger action to send lead info to an email address, after a delay that you define when a certain event has occurred.

Through aNinja Triggers, you can define which actions to programmatically trigger based on a specific event and condition. 

Setting the trigger Email action after a Delay

The trigger actions get executed based on a certain event that you select when you’re in the triggers feature:

  • Select the event that will cause the trigger to fire.
    • e.g. Lead created via Chatbot

  • Under Actions, click “+ add another action”

  • To set a delay before executing the trigger action, select from the action drop-down:

[Delay] Set delay duration in minutes for triggering event actions

  • And set the duration in minutes to a maximum of 5 minutes.

Trigger Email action after a Delay

  • Click “+add another action

  • To set the trigger to send the lead info to an email, select from the actions drop-down:

[Email] Send lead info to an email address (from:

  • And indicate the email address to send to.

  • The delay action is useful in the case for example of a lead created via chatbot, to wait a few minutes as they’re still filling the chatbot info (email, phone, etc.) so that the data is available when the lead’s info is forwarded to the email.
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