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Updating lead info after creating a sequence

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After creating a sequence, you may need to update lead info to ensure that the sequence is effective in nurturing and converting leads.

Although updating the lead info is a common practice, lead info changes are not currently being reflected in the sequence post-launching. This means that any updates made to the lead info after launching the sequence will not be applied to the queued-up text messages.


To send bulk email sequences or bulk text sequences, first, you create the templates and sequences. Then you set the launch date.

Immediately, the system retrieves the data from the lead info and templates.

It then saves them in the sequence till the time is due to launch the sequence.

Modifications made to the template(s) or the signature of the phone number used to launch the sequence are now accurately reflected in the sequence.

However, any updates made to the lead info after the sequence has been created will not be applied to the queued-up text messages.

Preparing the email and text sequences

When you create an email sequence or a text sequence, the system queues up all the emails and texts as soon as the bulk email or text is created.

That means it builds up the emails/texts to be sent from the template and lead information at the time and queues those up for future sending.

How to include the lead updates in the sequence

To reflect any lead info changes in the text sequence, you need to cancel the current sequence and re-create a new one with the updated lead info.

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