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Using Tasks

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You can keep track of your to-do list items using the Tasks in aNinja.


Accessing the Lead tasks

You can view the tasks in the “Inbox” and in “My Tasks” dashboard widget:

  • On the left sidebar, click on the Inbox
  • And, My Tasks Widget in the dashboard.
    • If you can’t see the widget on the dashboard, just enable it from the little gear on the top right of the page.

Creating a Task

  • When on the Lead View, hit the “Add Task” button.
  • Pick the calendar date to receive a reminder by email on the due date.

using tasks

Assigning a Task to a user in your Team

  • When on the Lead View, in the Tasks on the left side, choose the user you want to assign the task.

Deleting a Task

  • When on the Lead view,¬†choose the task you want to delete, and hit the edit pen to open it.edit task
  • Hit the recycle bin buttondelete a task
  • Click Yes to confirm
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