Using Template Variables

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Email, text and note templates all support variables, let’s learn more about how to use them here.

What are template variables?

Variable allow for the automatic replacement of a contact’s name for example in the outgoing email, text or note.

This allows you to customized an outgoing message so that it says 

Hi John,

instead of just 


Injecting a variable in a template

When editing your email/text/note template, you will see a dropdown called “Variables”. 

When you select a variable from the available ones, it will automatically inject the appropriate variable in your text.

You will notice that variables are represented with 2 curly braces around them, for example:


will automatically put in the lead Contact name when it is detected in an outgoing email / template / note.

You can use the dropdown to automatically inject the variable you need at your cursor when editing templates.

What variables are available?

To see the list of available variables, simply click on the variable dropdown.

Note: User variables refer to the system users – that is your accounts, whereas Contact related variable have to do with a lead’s contact.


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