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Searching for leads using custom fields

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Searching for leads using custom fields that are available for each lead in his lead view, allows you to narrow your search for the specific leads. Custom fields can be a great searching tool that allows you to group your leads under certain criteria in order to reach out to them using a Smartlist.

Searching for a lead using a custom field

Create a custom field
  • First, create a custom field with the criteria that is relevant to leads search.
    • Example: custom.campaign

  • In the lead view, add this custom field to the lead that you want to include in this campaign.
Search for the custom field
  • Either, type your custom field in the top navigation bar
  • All leads that have this custom field in their lead view will show in the leads view.

  • Or, create a Smartlist and include this custom field┬áin it. It will show you all the leads with this criteria.
    • Example: Leads with a Custom Field “Campaign” with value “campaign-1”


  • You can create a Smartlist using multiple queries to narrow your search and make sure you are targeting the right category of leads.
    • Example: Leads with a Custom Field “Campaign” with value “campaign-1” and with “Boston” address

Custom.Campaign=”campaign-1″ and”Boston”

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