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Setting rules in Global Settings

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Admin and owner users can set the rules to manage systematically the global settings in aNinja web app and the rules for the rest of the users.

Accessing the Global Settings

On the left sidebar, click on Settings > Global Settings.

What is the global setting for aNinja app

  • Users can only see leads assigned to them
    • However, admin users can see all the leads

  • New Lead pop-up should require contact email, phone, custom.type
    • If you have no use for all this info, don’t toggle this option, it will crowd your database
    • However, this info augments your lead data so you have wider data that helps you filter your leads and narrow the search for a more precise grouping.

  • Do not add new Leads via API if Lead with similar email already exists (avoids duplicates)
    • It’s up to you to choose whether to allow injecting leads with a similar email that already exists in your CRM or not.
    • However, in case of duplications, you still can clean-up your data.

  • Include “aNinja Incoming call” on aNinja call forwarding
    • The receiving number receives a “forwarding message alert” when he answers calls coming from the forwarded number.

  • Only send automated texts within acceptable time window

  • Reschedule weekend automated outgoing emails & texts to Monday
  • Block duplicate automated message if sent during 24 hours period to same lead

  • Enable SendGrid for single or bulk email sequences

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