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Trigger “Incoming Call” event

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Through aNinja Triggers, you can configure automatically firing a trigger action to handle a trigger event like “Incoming call”.

If you missed a call from a lead, or your line was busy, or even if you answered their call, you might want to send them an automation to honor their call.

Setting a trigger event to handle an incoming call

  • Hit + Add Trigger
  • In the Trigger Event:
    • Choose “Incoming Call”.
    • From the dropdown, specify the type of the call:
      • Missed Call
      • Completed
      • Busy

trigger incoming call event

  • In the Trigger Action:
    • Set the trigger action you want to fire in response to the type of call.
    • You can add multiple actions to be executed when the event takes place.
Example 1:
  • On an event that is “Incoming call”
      • Call type: “Missed call”
  • Choose to execute an action to “[Lead assignment] Assign to User”.

This allows you to assign a user to follow up with the lead after missing their call and send them a text to honor their call.

Example 2:
  • On an event that is “Incoming call”
      • Call type: “Complete”
  • Choose to execute a first action to “[Sequence > Text] Start Text Sequence”
  • Choose to execute a second action to [Workflow Step Status] Update Workflow Step Status.

This way, after completing a call with a lead, you can send them a thank you message, and update their workflow status to “Contacted” for example.


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