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In general, multiple queries behave the same as if you executed each query separately.

Samples of queries

  • Leads with Boston address and that sent in emails on a specific date:
    • address.state=”MA” AND”Boston” AND”2021-02-27″

  • Any contact name starting with “Jo”:

  • Emails that were created between 2 dates:
    • >= “2021-02-21” AND <= “2021-03-01”

  • Leads with tasks that are not done AND have custom field source set to “Facebook”:
    • task.count.not_done >= 1 AND Custom.Source=”Facebook”

  • Leads created after April 2nd 2021:
    • lead.created >= “2021-04-02”

  • All Leads that are not in a workflow:
    • search.leads.not_in_workflow=true

  • Not in workflow AND not a customer (custom field)
    • search.leads.not_in_workflow=true AND Custom.isCustomer!=yes

Accessing more query examples

You can access more query examples by clicking the bottom pointing arrow in the search field


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