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Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird email with Rackspace

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Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird email with Rackspace allows you to send and receive emails using Mozilla Thunderbird.

Let’s look at how you can use the Rackspace settings to configure your Mozilla Thunderbird email.

What is Rackspace email

Rackspace Email is an affordable, business-class email hosting solution with any time, anywhere access and a 100% uptime guarantee; all backed by industry-leading SLA and administrator access to the team of email hosting experts, 24x7x365.

Moreover, users can access their email using Outlook, their mobile phones, or through the webmail application.

Configuring your Mozilla Thunderbird email with Rackspace

  1. First, Sstart by launching Thunderbird. If this is the first time you’ve opened the Thunderbird, you’ll see a Welcome page prompting you to set up an existing email account.

Your Name: Your Name or Business Name
Email Address: Your Mailbox Email Address
Password: Your Mailbox Password

Once done, click Manual Config.

If you’ve used the Thunderbird before, then go to Menu > New > Existing Mail Account.

2. Then, in the current window, enter the following information to match the image below:


Email Protocol: IMAP
Server hostname:
Port: 993
Authentication: Autodetect


Email Protocol: SMTP
Server hostname:
Port: 465
Authentication: Autodetect

Once done, click Re-test.

3. Once testing is successful, you can click Done to finish the setup.

That’s it! You have now set up Mozilla Thunderbird to work with your Rackspace mailbox. But the syncing process between Thunderbird and your mailbox may take some time based on the amount of email data to be fetched.

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