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Forward Lead info through Trigger “Email” Action

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You can set a trigger action to forward the lead info captured on a specific event, to an email that you define in the trigger action.

On an event like “Chatbot Conversations”, we recommend you to delay the transfer of lead info a duration of 5 minutes maximum, to give the user the time to enter the requested info.

Lead info forwarded through trigger email action

On the left sidebar, click Automations > Triggers

  • Click on +Add trigger
  • Choose the trigger event
  • In the trigger action, select

“[Email] Send lead info to an email address (from:”

  • And type the email under Email address

When a lead is injected into your account after the trigger event has occurred, his info will be transferred to the email address you define in the trigger action.

If we take the example of the “Chatbot conversation” event;

After the period you’ve set in your trigger, the below fields captured in the conversation, will be transferred to the email defined in the “Trigger Email Action”:

  • contact name
  • phone number
  • email address
  • and the latest 100 chatbot messages with that lead.

In case the user didn’t enter a capture info (e.g. phone number), or it was entered after the delay period you set in the trigger (5 minutes), it will not show in the message you receive by email.

  • After the delay duration is finished, you will receive the below information to the email you defined in the trigger action:

New event from lead (Chatbot 63088754a3b74).

Contact name:
aNinja test

Email address:

Phone number:
+1 xxx-xxx-xxxx

Latest messages:
– [Bot] Hey, Happy to assist!
– [Bot] What’s your name?
– [contact_3b74] aNinja test
– [Bot] What can we do for you?
– [aNinja test] Send me information
– [Bot] Okay, what is the best email to send information to?
– [aNinja test]
– [Bot] Info is on the way! What’s the best number to reach you at?
– [aNinja test] 1xxxxxxxxxx
– [Bot] Thank you! A team member will be in touch shortly.



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