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Queries Examples

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Smartlists bring you any data that is stored in your aNinja account. aNinja created some queries examples. Learn how to build your own queries and add the fields you want to include in your Smartlists.

Accessing the queries examples

  • On the top navigation bar, click on the arrow and choose to view examples of queries.
  • Smart lists link > + Add a Smart list 
    • Under the field Search Query
    • Click on Query Examples.

Examples of Queries

The page is divided into 2 sections:

  • Fields
    • These are the keywords that you can use when creating your query.
  • Examples
    • These are samples of queries. Just copy the example and paste it into the query field of your Smartlist.
    • Look at the structure of the queries to get an idea of how to build your own query.Queries Examples
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