Removing aNinja chatbot from a website

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The aNinja Chatbot loads on your site because you (or your web developer) added a piece of code on your website that loads it.

Find the code in aninja

  • The code typically looks like this:

<script async data-chatplaybook_id=”1″ data-tenant=”YOUR_TENANT_CODE” src=””> </script>

  • You don’t need access to your aNinja install to delete the chatbot since it’s code on your website.

Removing aNinja chatbot from your site

  • If you no longer want Chatbot on your website, you should simply remove the piece of code.
  • If you still have access to your aNinja account, you can find the code by looking here:

  • Click on Chat Bots

  • Click on edit

  • Choose the chatbot id who is the embed code you want to find:

  • Once you’ve removed that code from your website, simply hit delete to also delete the chatbot and its playbook in aNinja.
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