Leadsbridge aNinja Integration

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The following steps indicate how to integrate Leadsbridge with aNinja

What is Leadsbridge?

LeadsBridge is an automation platform designed for companies to improve their lead generation, automate their audience management and streamline their full-funnel tracking.

  • In your Leadsbridge dashboard, click on Add New under Bridges

  • Under Let’s Start!
    Name the Bridge
    Select Leads Ads under Select Source
    Select Webooks under Select Destination
    Select Create New Destination under the dropdown
    Click Next

  • Under Source
    Select the Facebook Ad Account
    Select the Facebook Page
    Select the Facebook Form
    Click Next


  • Under Destination
    Select POST under Method
    Update your Leadsbridge API
    Click Next

  • Under Destination
    Toggle Active? to Yes, if you need email notification
    Click Next

  • Under Fields Mapping
    Click Next

  • Under Test
    Click on Test Now
    Select YES under Lead Access permissions
    Click Save & Publish

That’s all on Leadsbridge to aNinja integration!
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