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Webflow Webhook Integration

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Webflow integration can be done either through Zapier or through webhook. In this article we’re going to show you the Webflow through webhook

What’s a Webhook

A webhook is a lightweight API that powers one-way data sharing, triggered by events. And it delivers data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately. All you have to do is give the webhook provider (e.g.Webflow) a URL to deliver requests to (e.g. aNinja’s URL).

So, with Webflow Webhook Integration you can forward leads into your aNinja account simply by setting up a Webhook for your form submission. Find your aNinja API key before getting started.

Setting up a webhook in Webflow

  • First, log in to your Webflow account.
  • Then, go to your Webflow Project Settings.Webflow Webhook Integration
  • Choose Integrations.Webflow Webhook Integration
  • Click + Add webhook (at the bottom)
  • Here, you need to find your aNinja API key
  • Lastly, set the webhook on “Form submissions” and use the endpoint URL: <– replace with your aNinja API key.

Fields mapping

Map the Data on the aNinja fields and Form fields

These are the default aNinja fields:

Where does the imported data appear

After the integration, you can search your aNinja CRM for the imported leads. The name and email appear in the lead’s contact section in the lead view. Need help with Webflow Webhook Integration? Leave us an email at And we will happily assist you.

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