aNinja Integration

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1. Getting Started

  • Click on Create a Bot at the top of your dashboard. 
  • Give a name for your Bot. Let’s say ‘Facebook leads to aNinja‘, as we are using these two apps in this Bot.

2. Connecting the Trigger app

  • Select Facebook Lead Ads from the selection.

3. Connecting the Trigger app

  • Under the Input Fields select the Page and Form


4. Connecting the Action app

  • Select Webhooks under the action app

5 Configuring the Action app

  • Select POST data under Webhooks.

  • Continue below AFTER getting the aNinja API Key

Get the aNinja API key

  • Under Submission URL field put:
      • Example:

6. Enter the Posting URL

  • Copy & Paste in the Posting URL from above

7. Saving and Turning ON the Bot

  • After you are done with creating your Bot, save it by clicking on the Save button on the top-right.
  • You will see that your Bot is in an OFF state. You can turn it ON using the toggle button.




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