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Wix aNinja Webhook integration

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aNinja allows you to integrate your Wix Website into your aNinja account.

In this article, we show you how the Wix aNinja integration can be easily done.

Wix Integration

You can integrate and augment the functionality of popular platforms with aNinja.

  • First, you need to find your API key
    • On the left sidebar, click on Settings > Users
    • Then, click the edit pen next to your name.
    • And, copy it to use it later in the integration

Enabling Wix Form Webhooks

To get your Wix forms to push the form submission information into aNinja, you can use webhooks in Wix.

  • First, on your Wix site, start by enabling Velo Dev Mode:
    • This is as simple as going to your site (Edit site), and in the top bar where Dev Mode is indicated, turning on Dev Mode.
  • Next, you can go back to your Wix dashboard, and under Automations, click to add a new Automation.
  • Then, choose a Trigger event (for example on all form submissions).
  • Now, choose the webhook option.
  • And, configure the webhook to point to the aNinja webhook handler for Wix:
  • Then, choose “Customize structure” to map the form fields to the aNinja fields.

These are the default aNinja fields:

  • Lastly, hit Save and test it out with a form on your Wix site.

Need help in your Wix aNinja integration? Leave us an email at We will happily assist you!

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