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aNinja Trigger Actions

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When you create a trigger, you define an action or set of actions that are automatically executed when an event occurs in aNinja, without the need for manual intervention.

Here are the main aNinja trigger actions:

Adding and removing leads to/from the “do not contact list”; Forwarding lead info; Lead assignments and merge; Launching automated Email or Text Sequences; Posting lead details to URL through Webhooks; and Updating workflow step status.

aNinja Trigger Actions

You can access Triggers from the left sidebar > Automations > Triggers

aNinja Trigger ActionsTrigger Actions

You can define an action or set of actions to be executed when an event occurs. Trigger actions in aNinja include:

  • [Delay] Set delay duration in minutes for triggering event actions
  • [Do not contact] Add all lead contacts to “do not contact” list.
  • [Do not contact] Remove all lead contacts to “do not contact” list.
  • [Email] Send lead info to an email address (from:
  • [Lead Assignment] Assign to User
  • [Lead Assignment] Assign to Users from Team (using Round Robin)
  • [Lead Assignment] Assign to Users from Team (using Weighted Round Robin)
  • [Lead merge] Merge new lead into existing duplicate
  • [Sequence > Email] Start Email Sequence
  • [Sequence > Text] Start Text Sequence
  • [Sequences > Stop] Stop all sequences & Conversations (Email & Text)
  • [Webhooks] Post Lead Details to URL
  • [Workflow Step Status] Update Workflow Step Status

These trigger actions are designed to streamline and automate various aspects of the customer relationship management process, saving time and reducing the risk of human error. They can be customized and configured based on the specific needs and workflows of your business.

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