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aNinja Trigger Events

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aNinja trigger events is a specific incident, when verified, triggers the execution of one or multiple actions.

aNinja trigger events include:

“Custom Field Value Changed”, “Incoming Calls”, “Incoming SMS or Email”, “Lead creation”, “Outgoing SMS with error code”, and “Workflow step status changed”.

aNinja Trigger Events

You can access the Trigger Events from the left sidebar > Automations > Triggers > Add trigger.

aNinja Trigger eventsTrigger Events
  • Custom Field Value Changed
    • Indicate the custom field value that when changed in the lead view, fires the trigger action.
  • Incoming Call
    • Specify the call type: missed call, busy, or completed.

  • Incoming Email or SMS
    • When you receive an Email or Text from outside aNinja.
    • Add a specific body content for the incoming Texts to be identified by the system.
  • Lead Created via API
    • Leads coming through API are the result of aNinja integrations (e.g. Forms, Ads, etc…).
  • Lead Created via Chatbot
    • Leads coming through Chatbot are the result of Chatbot conversations.
  • Outgoing SMS with error code
    • If the phone number saved in the lead contacts is wrong, landline, or blocked by the carrier, your sent SMS will return with an error code that we log for each call.

  • Workflow step status changed



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