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Launching Bulk Email sequences

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Launching bulk email sequences typically refers to the process of sending a large number of emails to a one or a group of recipients all at once, using an automated messaging system.

You can also launch an email sequence to a bulk import list.

The emails are typically pre-written (email templates) and scheduled in sequences in advance. aNinja takes care of sending the messages at the designated time or interval.

Launching bulk email sequences to all leads

Launching bulk email sequence

  • You’ve just started an email sequence for all your leads.

Launching email sequences to a group of leads

  • Choose a saved Smartlist or create a new one.

Launching bulk email sequence

An alert pops up to show the number of leads included in this sequence and that have no email addresses. Click on the number to see those leads.

Checking the status of email sequences

After launching your email sequence, you can check for its status in the Dashboard Widget “Bulk Sequences”.

Stopping an email sequence

From the Dashboard Widget “Bulk Sequences” you can also stop the email sequence if the sequence delay setup is of 1 or more days.

You can stop a sequence for a single lead from the “Active Email Sequence” in their lead view.


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