Email-sending limit

Every email server has an Email-sending limit and it predefines how many messages it allows you to send each day.

aNinja was designed to make sending and receiving Emails easy, using your Email server.

Through aNinja, you can send a bulk email sequence to all your leads, or a group of leads that you pull out using a Smartlist.

Bulk Email sequences stopped sending out

When you’ve reached the daily Email-sending limit allowed by your Email server, it stops sending Emails from your account.

The daily sending limits of the different Email service providers

Godaddy Workspace

500 SMTP relays per day


10,000 sent Email messages per 24-hour period. However, this can be lower if your Google Workspace account is still in a trial-like period.


2,000 sent Email messages per day

Office 365 / Outlook

Daily recipients: 5,000

Maximum recipients per message: 500

What to do to send a large bulk of Emails

The best recommendation would be to connect aNinja with a Transactional Email service provider (such as Sendgrid). You’ll then be able to send 10K to 1M+ eventually Emails without affecting your Email provider.

Moreover, Sendgrid adds Unsubscribe links to the Emails you send through it. It also tracks spam scores and notifies you.

SendGrid is usually used to send out bulk email sequences and it works well with aNinja.

Connecting Sendgrid with aNinja

To connect Sendgrid with aNinja:

  • Create a Sendgrid account (so you get an API key that we place in aNinja). You can start with a free tier or their basic tier.
  • Authenticate your outgoing domain DNS (we can assist with this).

Please let us know if you’d like to Integrate with Sendgrid. Leave us an email at We’re more than happy to assist you!

Launch a text or email sequence to a bulk import list

Here are the steps to bulk import a CSV list of leads and launch a text or email sequence targetting those leads.

Locating the bulk import list

  • After the import is complete, you can view the file imported in Settings > Bulk Import > Previous Bulk Imports.
  • Each file has an ID number that identifies it.

Launch a text or email sequence to a bulk import list

Launching a text or email sequence to a bulk import list

There are 2 ways to launch a text or email sequence to a bulk import list:

  1. Go to Settings > Bulk Import 
    • In the Previous Bulk Import section, locate the list you want.
    • Then, click on the number under Records.
    • As a result, this opens the leads view where you can see all the leads saved in that list.
    • Also, in the top navigation bar, you can see the query that was used to bring you the data. It looks like:

lead.bulkimport_id=THE BULK ID

    • Save the results as a Smartlist for future use.

2- In the top navigation bar

    • You can search for the bulk list using this query: lead.bulkimport_id=TYPE HERE THE BULK ID

Now, hit the “Bulk Email Sequence” or “Bulk Text Sequence” button to target those leads with your text or email sequence.

Need help? Leave us an email at We will happily assist you!

Test your email for spam score

To ensure the deliverability of your emails, aNinja recommends you test your email for spam score before sending it.sending email aninja

Sending emails

Sending emails whether from aNinja or from outside is an easy thing to do. You just fill in the recipient, type the content of the email or use a template, and hit send. It’s something that you do frequently on daily basis. And it is an efficient way to communicate with your leads. But did you ever think that the Spam filters would block your emails?

aNinja uses your email server to deliver your email. But how can you ensure the delivery of your emails without being caught by a spam filter?

Avoiding emails from being flagged as Spam

To help you avoid your emails being flagged as spam, make sure the content of your email or the template you’re using doesn’t have things like all caps or a lot of special and repeated characters in the subject or the email body.

While special characters can increase the open rate of your emails, they still can affect their delivery.

Testing your email for Spam score

To test your emails for spam score, use third-party email testing software like This way, you ensure that your emails are going to be delivered to your prospects.

Updating lead info after creating a sequence

When a lead gets included in a sequence, the system grabs his info at the time the sequence was created. Updating the lead info or template after creating a sequence is not reflected in the sequence.


To send bulk email sequences or bulk text sequences, first, you create the templates and sequences. Then you set the launch date.

Immediately, the system pulls the data from the lead info and templates.

It then saves them in the sequence till the time is due to launch the sequence.

So updating the lead info after creating a sequence, is not reflected in the sequence.Changing lead info or template after creating a sequence

Preparing the email and text sequences

When you create an email sequence or a text sequence, the system queues up all the emails and texts as soon as the bulk email or text is created.

That means it builds up the emails/texts to be sent from the template or lead information at the time and queues those up for future sending.

Changing lead info or template after creating a sequence

If you update the lead info or a template’s content that is used in the sequence, the system will not reflect them in the queued-up texts or emails.

How to include the lead or template updates in the sequence

The changes will not be reflected in the queued-up texts or emails. You would have to cancel the bulk sequence and re-create a new one. The sequence then pulls the updated lead info and templates.

Future fixes

We might address this shortcoming in the future, so that:
– When we update a template, the system automatically updates all the non-sent emails/texts.
– When we update a custom variable that is used in a template (e.g. lead/user data), the system updates all the non-processed emails/texts.

Lead’s Contacts

The lead’s contact section in the Lead View, shows all the contacts saved under your lead (employees of the same company, relatives, etc…). It’s a good component for filtering based on contact info. The lead’s contacts are email, phone number, and URL.

You can mark a contact as “do not contact“. He will stop receiving your bulk sequences. You can still send him emails / texts from the lead view.

Relocate the contact in the lead’s contacts if you have multiple ones. Drag it to the top. The first one in order will be considered the primary contact.

Lead's contacts

Incorrect email address or phone number

It is important that the lead contact are correct so your outbound emails and texts reach your leads successfully.

Moreover, if you’re intending to use the phone number for texting, save the mobile number as the primary number (first number in the contact). Otherwise, your text will not reach the lead.

However, you will be notified that your outbound was not sent due to the incorrect email address or phone number.

Using the contact info for leads search

Just type the contact info on the top navigation bar, and aNinja will search all your CRM to find the lead(s) related to your search.

The results will show in the Leads View. For future use, go ahead and save the results as Smartlist. You can share your Smartlist with other users too.

Bulk Activities

Now, you can perform the below activities on the results in the Leads View:

Bulk email sequences not reaching all leads

Sometimes, you might face troubles when sending bulk email sequences to your leads.

The main reasons why emails are not reaching the leads

  • When sending out the bulk email sequences, the system uses the email address that was entered / imported upon the creation of the lead.
    • It is important to use the right info so your bulk sends properly and reaches all the leads.
    • During the mapping when importing a CSV file, use this aNinja field:


for the email address.

  • Another reason behind this issue would be the large amount of emails attempting to send. Manage to segment your outbounds to meet the limitations of your email provider. You can segment your leads using the Smartlists.

Launching a bulk email sequence

Launching a bulk email sequence is sending a series of emails automatically to all your leads, or a part of them that you pull out using a Smartlist. You can also send an email sequence to a bulk import list. An email sequence is an efficient way to automate a time-consuming process. And it can be set up to be triggered or sent at certain times.

Launching email sequence to all leads

Launching bulk email sequence

  • You’ve just started an email sequence for all your leads.

Launching email sequence to a group of leads

  • Choose a saved Smartlist or create a new one.

Launching bulk email sequence

Checking the status of an email sequence

After launching your email sequence, you can check for its status in the Dashboard Widget “Bulk Sequences”.

Stopping an email sequence

From the Dashboard Widget “Bulk Sequences” you can also stop the email sequence if the sequence delay setup is of 1 or more days.

You can also stop it from the “Active Email Sequence” in the lead view.


Launching Sequences

Sequences can be created to be sent individually to a single lead, in Bulk to a group of leads, or to all the leads at once.

You can create emails or text templates ahead of time, to include them in your sequences.

Creating email or text sequences

  • If you want to include a template in your sequence, it’s time to prepare it, before you start creating your sequence.
  • Then, go to Settings > Automations > Sequences.
  • Create an email to text Sequence with at least one step. Choose to send “immediately” if you want your sequence to launch with no delay.
  • Afterward, you can choose to either send your sequence to a single lead or in bulk sequence.

Launching Sequences to a single lead

Launching sequences to a single lead is done from the lead view( + ) Active Email/Text Sequence.

Launching bulk sequences

After creating your templates and sequences, you can launch bulk sequences to your leads.

Launching Sequences

  • This launches your sequence to all the leads in your CRM.
  • If you want to target a specific group of leads, use a Smartlist.

Follow the links in the article above to get the full instructions.

And search for more articles in aNinja Knowledge Base

Troubles in sending Bulk Email Sequences

If you overpass the daily limit of your email provider, you will face troubles in sending bulk email sequences

Ech email provider imposes a daily email sending limit.

Having troubles sending your email sequences

You might need to check the following:

Still unable to re-launch your email sequences

For a large number of daily emails, we highly recommend you process your run through our transactional email processor SendGrid. You can enable it directly from your aNinja account > Settings > Global Settings.

Or send us an email at We’re happy to assist you.

Bulk texting a smartlist of leads for the first time

Bulk text helps you send customized SMS for your marketing / service campaigns. It helps provide actionable alerting, on-call management, and much more. With aNinja, you can create a smartlist with the leads that you’ve not yet contacted: Bulk texting a smartlist of leads for the first time.

Bulk texting a smartlist of leads for the first time

  • If you’d like to create a Smartlist of leads that have never received a text from your aNinja account before, you can use the following query:

Bulk texting a smartlist of leads for the first time

The results of the Smartlist will show in the Leads view. Go ahead and click on Bulk Text Sequence to start launching your text sequences to this list.

Saving your Smartlist

You can save that query into a Smartlist for future use.

  • Click on Save as Smart list
  • Name your Smartlist (e.g. Leads not contacted)
  • And Click on Save

Find your saved Smartlist

Next to the top navigation bar, Click on Smart lists and locate your smartlist

It brings you the results in the Leads view. You can choose to send Bulk Email Sequences or Bulk Text Sequences, or even power dial this list of leads.