aNinja Activities Logs

It’s important to have a clear understanding of all the activities and interactions that occur on your aNinja account. aNinja provides a helpful solution in the form of activity logs reports, allowing you to conduct audits whenever necessary.

Specifically, the logs report feature provides a comprehensive overview of all incoming and outgoing calls, emails, and texts, and the triggers you’ve launched. Additionally, you can easily view the failed leads API injection.

Accessing aNinja Activities Logs reports

Activities Logs

  • Calls
    • You can see the details of the incoming and outgoing calls, including the lead ID, duration and date of the calls.
    • You can also listen to the recordings of the conversations.
  • Emails
    • Here are saved all the details on the incoming and outgoing emails, including the sequences and their statuses.
  • Texts
    • You can see the details of the incoming and outgoing texts, including the sequences and their statuses.
  • Audit Log
    • As an admin user, this option allows you to see the activity of the users in searching for leads using smartlists or from the top navigation bar, and the lead view that the users opened.
  • Failed leads API injection
    • You can identify any leads that failed to import into your aNinja account via API for duplicate emails.

Leads view

The leads view is where you can view all your leads or the result of a search or Smartlist, and perform bulk activities like power dialing, and bulk text/email sequence.

You can perform operations on those results such as Power dialing, launching a Bulk Text Sequence, or a Bulk Email Sequence.

Accessing the Leads View

  • On the left sidebar, click on Leads icon. You can browse through all your leads here.Leads view

Operations on the leads

The operations that you can perform for all your leads or a group of leads are:

Leads View v/s the Lead View

Leads View v/s the Lead View

In the leads view, you can see all or a group of leads that you have in your CRM. The lead view shows the info you have on a specific lead.

The Leads View

The Lead View

In the Lead View you will see the personal info of a specific lead with the history of interactions and activities you have made with this lead since his creation in your aNinja account and his status in the workflow.

Search for a lead to see his lead view info.

aNinja Centralized Inbox

The aNinja Inbox is a centralized view of all your incoming communication emails, textsvoicemails, missed calls, open tasks, and the chatbot conversations too.

Accessing the Inbox

On the left sidebar, click on Inbox icon.New Centralized Inbox

Inbox activities

You should be able to work exclusively from your aNinja Inbox.

From your Inbox items, you can:

Dynamic Inbox

The Inbox badge in the sidebar dynamically updates to show you how many Inbox items are available.

Concluded Tasks

  • Ultimately, all items of the aNinja centralized inbox should be completed on daily basis. However, if that was not possible, you can report them to the next day. Just toggle all the remaining items of the inbox and click on future in the toolbar.
  • The Inbox badge in the sidebar will show a green checkmark when all your Inbox items are done!

Task Management

  • You can also bulk mark inbox items as done / not done.

  • Answering a Lead from the Lead view (send/reply to an email, or send/reply to text) will automatically mark previous inbox items of the same type (e.g. email/text) as done.
  • Admin users can view inbox items for other team users, as well as filter them by type.

aNinja Reports

Get reports on the workflow of your latest activities and interactions that you’ve made in aNinja in a certain period of time. aNinja reports are simple, understandable, and provide you with a detailed view of your business performance.

When every user can see his reports, admin users can see all users reports and stats.

On the top right of the Reports page, you can select the period and the user.

Accessing Reports

On the left sidebar, click on Reports icon.aNinja reports

aNinja reports

Below are the reports provided by aNinja:

  • Workflow Summary (ASR)
    • See All Steps Reached across the workflow.
  • Workflow Summary (LSR)
    • See the Last Steps Reached across the workflow.
  • Leads
    • See stats of leads created and Via API.
  • Opportunities
    • See figures of the Opportunity statuses.
    • On the right corner of the Opportunity report, see details of leads’ opportunities. Inside the report, you can export stats into a CSV file.
  • Emails
    • See stats of all sent and opened emails, and the open rate.
  • Texts
    • See stats of incoming and outgoing texts.
  • Calls
    • See stats of outgoing calls and their total duration.

Lead Opportunities

Lead Opportunities let you track what kind of financial reward you are expecting to make from a lead, in a certain interval of time, including an optional confidence interval.

Where to set the opportunities for a Lead

Opportunities are one of the lead attributes that you manage in the lead view.

  • Search for the lead
  • When on the lead view, on the left side, click on Opportunities and start filling the info.
    •  Value $: Is the amount of money you expect that the lead will render to your business after closing them.
    • Period: Is the period of time that the money is expected to be collected in.
    • User: Is the user assigned to follow up with the lead on this opportunity.
    • Status: The status of the opportunity (Active / Won / Lost) according to the behavior of the lead to your deal.
    • Created Date: The day you start the pursue the lead with a specific offer.
    • Close Date: The day expected to stop the pursuit.
    • Confidence: Is the confidence rate according to the behavior of the lead to your deal.
    • Note: Leave your notes here, to pick up on them later on.
    • Don’t forget to Save your work.

Opportunities are also viewable in the Reports section.

Lead Opportunities