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aNinja Onboarding Overview

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Onboarding is the process that aNinja new users go through to get set up and start using our product. It covers the whole journey with aNinja: from initial sign-up to product activation and first use.

Moreover, Customer Onboarding aims to deliver value to our customers as early as possible – in their first use, if possible.

Additional Support

  • Email us at for a fast response within 24 hours during business days.
  • Or, search our Help Center for any specific keyword that relates to your questions.
  • Also, call, text, or email your Onboarding Associate.

Professional Onboarding Package

We provide:

  • 1 Hour intro screen share with a dedicated onboarding specialist.
  • 30 Days of white-glove support with an onboarding specialist.

Personalized Guidance for:

  • Bulk Import of your Leads
  • Chatbot Playbook Build Out
  • Email Integration
  • Contact Form Integration
  • Text and Email Sequences/Triggers

Demo Plan:

  1. Email integration 
    1. You should have no trouble syncing if you have an Outlook Account, either business or personal. You may get an unsafe screen. Click “Proceed”.
    2. If you have a Gmail business account, you will need to whitelist the domain first. Here are the instructions: Gmail Whitelist. Then you can connect your Gmail account with aNinja.
    3. If you have an email address, follow the prompts. You may get an unsafe screen. Click “Advanced”. Here are the instructions: Connect Gmail account with aNinja
    4. IMAP configuration: proceed to the common configuration on the email accounts page.  (image below)
  2. Dashboard Widgets
    1. System Widgets
    2. Smartlists
  3. Lead View:
    1. Lead Activities (left side)
    2. Workflows (top right)
    3. Lead’s Interactions (right side)
    4. Lead History (middle of the page)
    5. View and add tasks for leads that you want to reach later
    6. Where to update workflow status
    7. Custom Fields
  4. Leads View
    1. View/Column editing
    2. How to launch a Bulk Text 
    3. How to launch a Bulk Email
    4. What power dial is
  5.  Automations
    1. Templates
      1. What are Template Variables 
    2. Creating Text & Email Sequences
    3. Adding Triggers
  6. Bulk Import
    1. Via CSV file
    2. How to save it as Smartlist
  7. Building your Chatbot
    1. Adding your aNinja Chatbot to your site: 
      1. GoDaddy
      2. Squarespace
      3. UENI
      4. Wix
      5. WordPress
      6. If you use a different website provider or are not technical, send us your website credentials to support, along with the chatbot code.
  8. Website Contact Form Integration Additional Information
    1. If a PPL Labs website/client, this will be done by the PPL Labs devs upon website launch. 
    2. Otherwise, you can use these help center articles, depending on where your website is built in and what forms are used: 
      1. Custom Javascript
      2. WordPress Gravity Forms
      3. WordPress Contact Form 7
      4. Squarespace
      5. Wix
      6. Webflow
      7. Shopify
      8. Clickfunnels
      9. Hubspot Forms
      10. Calendly
      11. Zillow
  9. aNinja Mobile App:
    1. Go to App Store or Google Play
    2. Search “aNinja Mobile”
    3. Once downloaded, log in

aNinja Onboarding Complete

If you have any questions or need further assistance, the best way to reach aNinja is through our amazing support team:

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